Amravati, India

Situated in the Amravati district of Maharashtra, Amaravati once regarded as the abode of Lord Indra, the King of Gods. With the presence of the several religious places and temples, Amravati has a great association with religion, which creates a great significance for the city, boosting its travel & tourism industry. Amravati has come across a great deal of development in last few years. It features cotton mills that are witnessing great development and making Amravati a fast growing industrial center of Maharashtra. From religious standpoint to sightseeing aspects, Amravati holiday packages are definitely booking for a visit to Maharashtra.


Mid-March - end June
Temperature:20°C- 48°C

June - end September
Annual rainfall -325 cm

Late November To Mid-February

Best Places to Visit in Amravati

Ambadevi Temple
Situated right in the heart of the city, Ambadevi Temple is dedicated to Goddess Amba Devi. The temple is so ancient that no one ever found even a single mention of it in the old evidences.

Shri Ekvira Devi Temple
Dating back to year 1660, Shri Ekvira Devi Temple is dedicated to Goddess Ekvira Devi. The temple was constructed by the son of Amravati Paramhans Shri Janardan Swami. The main deity of the temple is supposed to be an incarnation of the Shakti.

Satidham Temple
The temple houses the statues of several Gods and their consorts, like Radha-Krishna, Sita-Ram, and Sati-Shiva along with Lord Ganesha. The temple is also known for its festivities.

Chatri Talao and Wadali Talao are two famous reservoirs of the town. Both have some special appeal and each features a small garden.

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Beautiful Sights of Amravati