Bihar-Aurangabad, India

Earlier a part of the Gaya district, Aurangabad is presently an independent district of Bihar. The city of played a vital role in the freedom struggle of India. The beautiful city enjoys a great culture and unique identity. It is home to a wide number of tourist attractions and one can visit here various magnificent temples, historical places and Islamic religious centers. The place also holds a traditional significance and the renowned Ayurvedic product; Chyawanprash got its name from 'Chyawan Aashram' of Aurangabad district. People booking Aurangabad holiday packages have a lot to explore on their trip.


Mid-March - end June
Temperature:20°C- 40°C

June - end September
Annual rainfall -185 cm

Late November To Mid-February

Best Places to Visit in Bihar-Aurangabad

Situated 10 km to the southeast of Aurangabad, Deo is known for its Sun temple. This 15th century old temple is supposed to be built by Bhairvendra Sing, a Chandravanshi king. The sun temple features a 100 feet tall structure enjoying an umbrella-like top. The place is filled with thousands of pilgrims during Chhath Puja to worship the Sun God.

Deo Kund
Deo Kund is a well-known historic place that serves as one of the key tourist attractions in Aurangabad. Deo Kund houses an ancient temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. The temple is visited by a number of devotees during Shivratri.

It is also an important pilgrim center in the city housing a Vaishnava temple. The architecture of the temple resembles to the Sun temple of Deo. The temple houses the deities of Lord Ganesha, Sun God and Lord Shiva.

Amjhar Sharif
Being an important Islamic pilgrimage centre of Aurangabad, Amjhar Sharif holds great religious importance for the visitors and locals. Thousands of Muslims visit this place on the anniversary of the great saint - Hazrat Saiyadana Mohammad Jilani Amjhari Quadri.

Pawai, Mali and Chandangadh
These are the locations where you can find the remains of old forts. A visit to these places can be adventurous experience for archaeologists.

Earlier called as Pritikoota, Piru is a tourist place in Aurangabad that bears some historical significance. It is the birthplace of Ban Bhatta, a famous poet and the speaker of King Harshwardhana.

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Beautiful Sights of Bihar-Aurangabad