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Hisar, India

Hisar is a beautiful ancient city located in the north Indian state of Haryana. Studded with magnificent forts and steeped in Harappan culture, this city was founded by Firoze Shah Tuqhlaq. This city of Haryana is a town renowned for its 'Hisar Agricultural Institute'. Whichever kind of traveler you are, a tour to Hisar ensures a rich dose of history to you with palaces, temples, mosque and monuments representing ancient culture at its best. The history lovers will get to experience the ancient Harappan culture at the ruins of Harappan sites. Some of the other attractions are the Feroz Shah Palace, Gujri Mahal, the Jindal Parks and many more. So, what are you waiting for? Plan a trip to Hisar and book any of the preferred Hisar holiday packages on


Mid-March - end June
Temperature:28°C- 42°C

June - end September
Annual rainfall -250 cm

Late November To Mid-February

Best Places to Visit in Hisar

Firoz Shah Palace Complex:
Situated in Hisar, Firoz Shah Palace Complex was constructed by Firuz Shah Tughlaq in 1354 AD. The original town of Hisar consisted of a walled settlement inside the fort that had four gates, Delhi gate, Nagauri gate, Mori gate and Talaqi0 gate. The complex houses a mosque by the name of 'Lat ki Masjid'. It is built of sandstone pillar about 20 feet high.

Rakhigarhi, also referred to as Rakhi Shahpur in Rakhi Khas, which is a village in district Hisar. Its historical importance was discovered by excavations conducted first in 1963 and again in 1997 (by the Archaeological Survey of India). The village is presently situated on the bed of what once was Saraswati River, which is believed to have dried up around 2,000 B.C. It was a flourishing 2.2 KM square city and a part of the Harappan and Indus Valley Civilizations.

Ancient Gumbad:
Ancient Gumbad is actually a tomb of a spiritual teacher, 'Baba Pannir Badshah', who lived here in 14th century A.D. One of his disciples, Sher Bahol, also called as Dana (sagacious) Sher was also a reputed saint. It is located in the centre of Hisar city, the square tomb has arched openings on all its four sides.

St. Thomas Church:
Sited on the NH-10 in the city of Hisar in Haryana, this Church was constructed in four years starting from December, 1860 to May, 1864. It was dedicated to St. Thomas, who was one of the twelve disciplines of Jesus Christ. The holy shrine was consecrated on 31st December, 1865 by the Bishop of Calcutta, George Edward Lynch Cotton.

Other Tourist Attractions:
Durgah Char Qutab, Gujari Mahal, Bishnoi Mandir, Blue Bird Lake, Jahaz Kothi, O.P. Jindal Knowledge Center, Agroha mound, Deer Park, Splash-the Fun Water & Amusement Park, Fort of Prithviraj, and Agroha Dham or Agroha Temple are some of the other important tourist attractions which you must visit during your Hisar vacation.

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