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Kargil, India

Kargil, located in the state of Jammu & Kashmir in Ladakh region is one of the most stunning and enchanting tourist destinations in northern India. It is immensely popular as the bone of contention between India and Pakistan in the war of year 1999. Kargil is the district headquarters of Kargil District and is located close to Kashmir valley in the south and Line of Control near Gilgit–Baltistan on the western side. Being the eastern gateway to the Kashmir Valley, Kargil was a halting place for the visitors during their visit to the valley. For adventure seekers, the place is indubitably a heaven with various adventurous activities such as trekking and mountaineering on offer. In addition, it has always been a place of religious significance with full of historical and pilgrim references. Sani Monastery and Rangdum Monastery are two of the well known centers for religious significance in the city. So, plan a trip now and book any of the Kargil holiday package offered by


Mid-March - end June
Temperature:13°C- 30°C

June - end September
Annual rainfall -250 cm

Late November To Mid-February

Best Places to Visit in Kargil

Sani Monastery:
Sani Monastery is one of the oldest religious sites of Zanskar and Ladakh, situated close to the Sani Village. It was built during the 1st century by the famous Kushan Emperor, Kanishka. The most famous form of dance, 'face mask dance' is organized in between July and August in the premises of the Monastery.

Rangdum Monastery:
Located in Rangdum village, this monastery has a museum that contains a compilation of Tibetan and other locally manufactured articles. This monastery was built in the 8th century and serves as home to around forty monks. It is one of the famous attractions of Kargil.

Mulbekh Monastery in Kargil:
This monastery houses artifacts of various Buddhist monks alongside the 9 m long idol of Maitreya Buddha. Mulbekh Monastery is situated in Mulbekh village on the way to Kargil from Leh and serves as a major tourist attraction of the place.

Phokar Hill:
Another wonderful place to visit, Phokar Rizong is located on a flat and circular plain that serves as an idyllic base for meditation. It is bounded by hills and caves and has various temples and religious centers that were established by Buddhist saints. The spot remains closed in the months of June and July for tourists.

Shargole Monastery:
Located just 10 KM ahead of Mulbekh, this monastery is situated in Shargole village. Old monastery called Ge-Lugs Pa Buddhist Monastery is very famous in the village in particular among the local people. So, make sure you pay visit to these beautiful places during your Kargil tour.

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Beautiful Sights of Kargil