Kurukshetra, India

Kurukshetra is an ancient pilgrimage place located in the Indian state of Haryana. If you are interested in ancient archaeological sites and history of India, then is a perfect destination for you. During earlier times, this city was related to Aryan civilization and has the imprints of Lord Krishna's footsteps. Kurukshetra is surrounded by the physical River Yamuna and the mythical River Saraswati. This place is also referred to as the "Dharmakshetra", which means the field of justice. Brahma Sarovar is the most famous and visited in this city where people come to take a holy dip. Beside, tourists can also visit several other places like, Birla Mandir, Sthanesvra Mahadev Mandir, Arnai Temple, Prachi Tirath Pehowa and many more. The name of Kurukshetra is found in the puranas and various other sacred texts. As per Puranas, Lord Krishna preached philosophy of Karma in the form of the "Bhagwad Geeta" in the Mahabharata at this very place. Kurukshetra travel is a sole experience in itself. If you are planning a visit to this ancient city choose the best Kurukshetra holiday package and explore Kurukshetra at its best.


Mid-March - end June
Temperature:26°C- 42°C

June - end September
Annual rainfall -250 cm-325 cm

Late November To Mid-February

Best Places to Visit in Kurukshetra

It is the place where 'the Bhagvad Gita' was revealed. 'Jyoti' means light and 'Sar' means 'the essence'. However, it is also believed to be the place, where Lord Krishna revealed his Virat Roop or universal form to Arjun.

Lakshmi Narayan Temple:
This ancient temple is dedicated to Lord Narayan and Goddess Lakshmi. Constructed in the 18th century, this double storied temple is built in the shape of a square and has a conical roof.

Bhishma Kund:
It is a huge water reservoir dedicated to Bhishma, the forefather of the Pandavs and Kauravs.

It is an ancient water tank of great historical and religious importance. In fact, it is one of the largest man-made bathing tanks in Asia. Thus, it was called 'mini sea made by man' by Akbar's historian, Abul Fazl. In this tank, you will find separate designated bathing spaces for men and women with curved enclosures.

O P Jindal Park and Musical Fountain:
This park was constructed in the memory of a former Power Minister of the state of Haryana, late O P Jindal. The park is spread over 14 acres with a jogging area, meditation centre, rose garden, picnic area, toddler's zone, sports area and animal zone.

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