Kushinagar, India

Located on the eastern side of Uttar Pradesh, Kushinagar is one of the most frequently visited Buddhist pilgrimages in India. It is the place where Lord Buddha got nirvana. After remained neglected for long, the place has picked up fast on the tourism map. Kushinagar has seen great infrastructural boost in the recent years, which is pushing tourism in this region. Kushinagar induces emotions amidst pilgrims. There are several sites related to Buddha's Nirvana and his means. These sites attract a number of visitors every year. You can book Kushinagar holiday packages to discover the beautiful aspects of Buddhism.


Mid-March - end June
Temperature:10°C- 35°C

June - end September
Annual rainfall -250 cm-325 cm

Late November To Mid-February

Best Places to Visit in Kushinagar

Mathakaut Temple:
It is one of the most famous and most visited shrines in Kushinagar. The temple is really renowned because from this site, a black stone image of the Buddha in the 'Bhumi Sparsha Mudra' was found during early excavations. 'Bhumi Sparsha Mudra' in Hindi means 'Kneel down Posture'. It is usually noticeable that the last oration of Lord Buddha was given here.

Nirvana Temple:
It is one of the most regularly visited places amongst Buddhism shrines in the world. The temple is a must visit destination during tour to India. It is the same temple near which, Buddha died. The temple features a statue of reclining Lord Buddha, which is 6 meters long. It is said that this statue symbolizes the very last moments of Lord Buddha, which are the moments before he attained Mahaparinirvana.

Ramabhar Stupa:
It is counted as one of the most sacred shrines of Buddhism in the world. Situated at a distance of few kms away from the city center, Rambhar Stupa is a must visit destination for the tourist visiting India.

Watt Thai Temple:
It is one of the most stunning and must visit temples in Kushinagar. The temple is centrally located in city and can be seen from anywhere and everywhere. The temple is positioned over lush green lawn and spread over several acres of land.

Japanese Temple:
Japanese Temple is one of the most beautiful temples in Kushinagar. It houses a must visit superb 'Ashta Dhatu' or 'Eight Metals' idol of Lord Buddha. This statue has been brought from Japan in distorted form and then was rectified before its establishment in this temple.

Chinese Temple:
It is another moderately frequented tourist destination in Kushinagar. The temple is renowned for its incredible architecture that is principally 'Han Chinese' and has design elements to be borrowed from different provinces of Mainland China.

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