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Mahabaleshwar, India

With elevated mountain ranges, incredible valleys, lush green flora and pleasant mountain breeze, Mahabaleshwar appeals the tourists for enjoying a rewarding mix of old-world charm, natural beauty and modernity. Situated at an elevation of 1353 meters above the sea level, it is the most popular hill station of Maharashtra. Mahabaleshwar happened to be the summer capital of the Bombay Presidency during the British Raj. Snuggled amidst the Western Ghats of the Sahyadri Mountain range, Mahabaleshwar attracts the travelers from each part of India to rejuvenate in a peaceful ambiance.

The town is home to dense forests, including miscellaneous species of commercial and therapeutic trees. If you are an adventure freak, Mahabaleshwar gives you the opportunity to meet various animals like Wild Foxes, Jackals and Deer. Being a popular hill station and gateway for Mumbai and Pune, Mahabaleshwar becomes really crowded during summer and weekends. From below written content, we have provided information on places to visit in Mahabaleshwar.

Best Places

Visit in Mahabaleshwar

Mahabaleshwar is a well-known hill-station and honeymoon destination in the Western Ghats of India. Breathtaking springs, streams and stunning waterfalls are the some of the gorgeous features of the town. There are many tourist attractions in Mahabaleshwar that you would love to visit on your trip to this destination.

Wilson Point (Sunrise Point)

Also known as Sunrise Point, Wilson Point is a vast highland from where one can enjoy the thrilling sunrise views. This point is mainly a vast barren rock with watching towers at different places. Situated 4710 feet above the sea level, Wilson Point is the uppermost point of Mahabaleshwar. One can have a mesmerizing sunrise experience from here.

Bombay Point (Sunset Point)

The experience of melting sun into the horizon is a pleasant experience for the tourists. At Bombay Point or Sunset Point, they get the opportunity of experiencing this beautiful event in Mahabaleshwar. Bombay Point is a large open space with a bandstand. It is an ultimate place for a late afternoon picnic. In the left part of Bombay Point, there is Lovers Point.

Morarji Castle

Morarji Castle is historic structure enjoying a British influence on its architecture. At this place, Mahatama Gandhi stayed during his visit to Mahabaleshwar in 1945. In close proximity of Moraji Castle, you can explore many other colonial structures.

Connaught Peak

Connaught Peak is the second highest point of Mahabaleshwar after Wilson point. It was previously known as Mount Olympia. The peak is situated at an altitude of 1400 meters and is a preferred spot for adventure seekers. Enjoy wonderful sunrise and sunset from this point.

Krishnabai Temple

The temple is a very serene and peaceful place to visit. The temple was said to be built by Pandavas. As the sun rises, the sunrays directly fall on the shrine inside. The place also offers incredible views of the Krishna river valley.

Mahabaleshwar Temple

It is a must visit attraction and temple in Mahabaleshwar for its historic value. This temple is having great mythological significance. The lingam is in the shape of a Rudraksh.

Mapro Garden

Mapro Garden is not to be missed place in Mahabaleshwar. The place has lots of options for strawberry lovers in form of jelly, juice, ice creams, and more.


The place offers awesome views from the top. One can enjoy here refreshing breeze with amazing surroundings and ultimate mountain views.


It is a nature’s point that surprisingly looks like the head of an elephant. The views from this point are just awesome and one can get clicked some of the amazing photographs.

Venna Lake

This is a place where you can spend some relaxed time with loved ones. Enjoy boating with them and create some unforgettable moments. Surrounded by gorgeous views of mountains, the lake is an ideal place for photography.

Waterfalls in Mahabaleshwar

Known for its scenic beauty, Mahabaleshwar is comprised of three waterfalls.

Lingmala Falls It is the first waterfall, which is located at a distance of 6 km from Mahabaleshwar. The waterfall drops from an altitude of 500 feet and can be seen at the best in the rainy season.

Dhobi Falls It is the second waterfall, which is located 3 km away from Mahabaleshwar. The waterfall goes down into a deep valley submerging into Koyna River. Chinaman’s FallS It is the third waterfall, which is located 2.5 km away from Mahabaleshwar. With Chinese cultivated gardens at close proximity, it is one of the best places to visit near Chinaman’s Falls.


Mahabaleshwar, India

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April to June, Warm and Pleasant

Temperature:25°C- 38°C

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July to September,

Annual rainfall -550cm

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Late November To Mid-February



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