Nagaur, India

Founded by the Naga Kshatriyas, Nagaur is an ancient city located in the Nagaur district of the state of Rajasthan. This city lies about midway between Bikaner and Jodhpur. The place is also referred to as 'Khatwan'. Nagaur is famous for its cattle fair, where it is all about trading of the animals. People from all nearby districts come in the Nagaur cattle fair and trade for over 70000 horses, camels and bullocks are fed here every year in the fair. The cattles are beautifully dressed by their owner having the look of colorful turbans and long moustaches. Besides the cattle fair, the city is renowned for its historical significance in the form of forts, palaces and cenotaphs. Explore Nagaur holiday packages offered by and get ready to enjoy the traditional beauty of this place!


Mid-March - end June
Temperature:20°C- 40°C

June - end September
Annual rainfall -250 cm-325 cm

Late November To Mid-February

Best Places to Visit in Nagaur

Nagaur Fort:
It is a centrally located 2nd century old fort, which has witnessed many battles with its lofty walls & spacious campus. There are many palaces & temples inside this fort.

Tarkeen Dargah:
Tarkeen Dargah situated in Nagaur is the most renowned shrine after the Ajmer Dargah. It attracts a huge of Muslims & Sufis.

Jain Temple in Glass:
It is a lofty structure of glass and a sacred place for the Jain community.

Saiji ka Tanka:
It is a Samadhi of a renowned saint that inspires the liberation of the soul with simplicity & truthfulness. It is also considered as a symbol of communal harmony.

Other Tourist Attractions in and around:
Cenotaph of Amar Singh Rathore, Bansiwala Temple, Nath Ji ki Chhatri, Barli, Hadi Rani Mahal, Deepak Mahal, Akbari Mahal, and Rani Mahal.

Other Tourist Excursions:
Khimsar Fort (42 KM), Kuchaman Fort, Makarana, Ladnun, Kurki, Merta.

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Beautiful Sights of Nagaur