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Saputara, India

Located in Dang district of Gujarat, Saputara is a scenic hill station overlooking a lush green valley. It is an ultimate place to relax, enjoy trekking and take calm hill walks. Blessed with thrilling natural beauty, the town features verdant green forests, charming waterfalls and a lush green surrounding. Carefully landscaped gardens are other significant attractions of Saputara. The place enjoys a special mythological importance as it happened to be one of the abodes of Lord Rama during his 14 years of exile in the dense forests of this hill station. Get ready to indulge into the true beauty of nature.

The name of Saputara has been derived from name of the snake god on the banks of the River Sarpaganga, which is worshipped by the tribal clan of the town. Saputara is often known as the abode of serpents. The town has many places of historical and religious significance. Travelers coming here indulge into different fun activities and get to familiar with the cultural aspects of Saputara by visiting the tribal museum and the artists’ village. Amidst the lush green woods, one can be in awe of the creative of nature. With sightseeing tours of Saputara, you are going to have an incredible experience.

Best Places

Visit in Saputara

Situated in the Sahyadri Hills, Saputara is a gorgeous place for visiting. The hill station is a visual treat for the tourists who love to explore the beauty of nature. It is a perfect retreat from the hustle and bustles of city life and really popular from tourism point of view. The pleasant town brings utmost harmony amidst the lush green surrounding. One can rejuvenate with the beauty of nature. Sightseeing tours of Saputara basically reveal its beauty and allows you exploring several places to visit in Saputara.

Echo Point

Echo Point is a well-known vantage point, which attracts flock of locals and tourists. At this place, people can hear the echo of their voice. This viewpoint enjoys splendid views of the surrounding area, including gushing waterfalls and abundant greenness. With its scenic location, this viewpoint turns into a must visit attraction in Saputara.

Forest Nursery

Forest Nursery is an environment-conservation initiative by the Forest Department of Saputara. It enjoys a rich collection of blossoming plants, fruit trees, creepers and several other varieties of floras. Visitors coming to this forest nursery can buy different plants and trees for their home at reasonable prices.

Gira Waterfalls

Gira Waterfalls is a beautiful attraction to visit near Saputara. The beautiful seasonal cascade is situated in a verdant setting, about 50 km away from Saputara. This waterfall is created by the watercourse of the Gira River. The water drops from the cliff at a very high speed, which creates conditions similar to dense fog. On a clear day, one can also get to see a rainbow above the waterfall.

Sunset Point

Gandhi Shikhar is another place to visit in Saputara. It is commonly known as the Sunset Point. This vantage point offers astonishing panorama of the sunset. As the evening approaches, the sky gets into an orange hue of the setting sun forming a spectacular sight to witness.

Sunrise Point

Sunrise Point is also known as the Valley View Point. Enjoy here the splendid view of sunrise. When the morning lights up in a beautiful orange hue, the place becomes truly beautiful.

Townview Point

It is another prominent tourist attraction of Saputara, which is known for offering the fabulous aerial view of the town. Due to located at a higher place, this vantage point is the perfect for enjoying the charming beauty of the whole hill station. It also boasts of a refreshing atmosphere creating wonderful views.

Saputara Lake

Saputara Lake is a prominent tourist attraction in Saputara that allows you enjoying perfect family time. It is a nice picnic spot with facilities of boating. This place refreshes your body, mind and soul with its serenity.

Maharshi Sadafaldeo Dandakvan Ashram

This is a spiritual place situated in the dense forests of Gujarat close to Saputara. The place is really serene and scenic. It is really an important sightseeing place to be visited.

Lake Garden

Situated on the banks of Saputara Lake, Lake Garden is one of the popular things to visit in Saputara. It is famous picnic spot that is beautifully manicured and enjoys a vast stretch of eye-soothing greenery. The garden is an ideal place to relax and enjoy and some of the rare species of plants and trees can be seen in this garden. It has a special area for children, where they can play different games.

Rose Garden

Rose Garden is a famous tourist attraction in Saputara, which appeals the visitors with its wide collection of roses. This garden is recognized for its exquisite rose plantations that attract tourists all through the year. Numerous varieties of roses are planted across this verdant land, which looks really vibrant and delightful. On arrival of the blooming season, these roses cover the garden in different colors. Take a walk beside these flowers and have fun.

Waghai Botanical Garden

Waghai Botanical Garden is a beautiful garden and biodiversity conservation centre. Spread over an area of 24 hectares, the garden is home to more than 1400 species of Indian flora. Varieties of cactuses and other succulent plants can be also seen in this botanical garden. Several nature education trails are organized by this botanical garden.

Step Garden

Step Garden is also a picnic spot in the hill station of Saputara, which is one among its well-maintained parks and gardens. It seems like a terrace garden and is known for its well-arranged steps. Many plants and flowers are planted on these steps, which enriches the aesthetic appeal of this garden through its exquisite woodwork. The garden also features many forest huts. For the entertainment of children, Step Garden is having a playing area.

Honey Bees Centre

It is a popular place in Saputara, which is famous for rearing and breeding honey bees to collect honey in its purest form. Visitors also get the chance to learn about the process of beekeeping from close quarters. This centre provides information about the functioning of the honey industry from its basic level. The fresh and pure honey is extracted here and one can also purchase them from here.


Saputara, India

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March to Mid-June, Warm yet Pleasant

Temperature:28°C – 35°C

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July to October

Annual rainfall -1300 mm

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Last November to February, Cool and Charming

Temperature:8°C – 22°C


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