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Ujjain, India

This amazing city is situated in Madhya Pradesh and it is the administrative center of Ujjain division and Ujjain district. Ujjain is located at the eastern bank of the Kshipra River. Ujjain is the most beautiful city of Malwa region of central India. It is even considered as one of the seven sacred cities of Hindus which are often called as Sapta Puri .Ujjain gained fame because of its most popular Kumbh Mela which is organized in Ujjain and three other sites. The Kumbh Mela of Ujjain is also called Simhastha Mela and it attracts large number of people from all over India.

Earlier Ujjain was called as Ujjayini and the city is even mentioned in Mahabharata and in ancient time it was the capital of Avanti Kingdom. Ujjain is the place where Lord Krishna received education with Sudama (his friend) and Balrama (his brother) from Maharshi Sandipani and it is also houses famous Mahakaleshwar Jyotirlinga which is dedicated to Lord Shiva. Ujjain is the most famous place for Hindu Pilgrimage. There are two universities too in Ujjain namely Vikram University and Maharshi Panini Sanskrit University. Moreover Ujjain has been selected to develop as a smart city under Smart Cities Mission by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Best Places

Visit in Ujjain

This ancient city on the banks of Shipra River has lot of good places which tourist can explore in Ujjain. There are many religious tourist attraction and historic tourist attraction. This city has many point of interest for the tourists.

Mahakaleshwara Temple

It is the most popular temple of Lord Shiva and it is one of the Jyotirlingas of God Shiva in Ujjain. This is the most famous temple in Ujjain and is built in 5 levels and is decorated with the idols of Shiva Parivar (lord Shiva's family) with the idols of Parvati, Ganesh, Kartikeya and Nandi. This temple is also adorned with a towering shikhara.

Kal Bhairava

It is the most important Hindu temple in Ujjain and is dedicated to the guardian deity of the city and this temple is visited by thousands of pilgrims every year and liquor is offered to the temple deity along with some other things. This temple is mentioned in the Avanti khand of Skanda Purana. This temple is famous because it is decorated with different paintings of Malwa style.

Ram Mandir Ghat

It is the most famous tourist attraction in Ujjain and this Ghat has a temple on its side which is dedicated to Lord Ram. You can here buy some street food and enjoy it after bathing in the sacred ghat.

Harsiddhi Temple

This temple is like one of the ancient gem in Ujjain. This temple has the idols Mahasaraswati, Annapurna and Mahalaxmi. The major attractions of this temple are the two pillars which have special features of Maratha art and an ancient well. Moreover the temple was reconstructed in Maratha period because the temple was in its ruin that time.

Gopal Temple

This temple is located in the area of market square and it was built under Bayajibai Shinde who was the queen of Maharaja Daulat Rao Shinde. This temple is a perfect example of Maratha architecture. The doors of the chamber where idols are placed are silver coated.

Chaubis Khamba Temple

This place is the marvel of impressive architecture beauty. It dates back to 9th or 10th century AD. It is a must visit temple.


According to Matsya Purana this place is the birthplace of mars and Mangalnath is a perfect place for astronomical studies. This main deity of the temple is Lord Shiva.


It is a perfect place if you are searching for some peaceful experience. This is the scenic temple in Ujjain. This temple deserves a visit at least once.

Chintaman Ganesh Temple

This temple has the main idol of Lord Ganesh and his two consorts Riddhi and Siddhi. The major attraction of the temple is the carved pillars which date back to Paramara period. The deity is addressed here as Chintaharan Ganesh which means assurer of freedom from the worldly anxieties.

Gadkalika Temple

This is one of the major temples in Ujjain and the temple is small and it located on the main road and the idol which is placed in the temple is very beautiful and charming. Moreover this temple of Kalika goddess is regarded as one of the shakti peeths.

Sandipani Ashram

This is the place where Maharshi Sandipani used to give information to Lord Krishna and Sudama. This is the must visit place in Ujjain.

Bhartihari Caves

This is a popular tourist attraction situated on the banks of River Shipra and located just adjacent to the temple of Gadkalika. These caves are now considered as a famous tourist attraction of Ujjain. It is said that at this cave Bhartrihari meditated before forsaking the worldly pleasures.

Pir Matsyendranath

It is a sought after tourist spot situated on the bank of River Shipra and adjacent to Bhartrihari Caves. This structure is built in honor of Matsyendranath who was the great leader of Natha sect of Saivism. This place is considered holy by Muslims as well as followers of Natha sect.

Kaliadeh Palace

This place is located 8 kilometers away from the main city and is built by Sultans of Mandu in 1458. This place majestically stands on the island in the Shipra River. This monument is an apt example of Persian architectural style. The palace is in its ruin due to the ravage of time but it is still a major tourist attraction in Ujjain.

Bade Ganeshji Ka Mandir

It is an ancient temple in Ujjain and one of the popular and most visited tourist attractions. This temple houses a beautifully designed idol of Lord Ganesha. The center of temple has the idol of five faced Hanuman. This is an amazing temple of Ujjain.

Navagraha Temple

This is the place where one can worship all the nine gods. This temple is located near Shipra River.

Nagarkot Ki Rani

This temple is dedicated to the guardian deity of ancient Ujjaiyini. This temple has archaeological importance and is considered as the major temple of Ujjain.


It is a holy place and it is located on the banks of Shipra River and usually people visit this place for Pind daan to the ones who died in their family.

Jantar Mantar

It is the popular tourist attraction and it is one of the observatories built by Raja Jaisingh of Jaipur. This tourist attraction has historic importance.

The Vedha Shala

This observatory is built by Mahraja Jai Singh in 1730. It is a remarkable place and one of the popular tourist attractions in Ujjain.


Ujjain, India

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March to June, Hot and Humid


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July to September, moderate cool winds

Annual rainfall -319 millimeters

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November to February, Cool and Pleasant



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