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Valley of Flowers, India

Valley of Flowers is a national park located in second core zone of the Nanda Devi Biosphere Reserve. The scenic valley has been discovered by British mountaineers Franks S. Smythe and R.L. Holdsworth. They reached to the place by chance after a successful journey of Mount Kamet in 1931. The park is full of flowers and also home to several exotic animals and birds. It is a place to visit, explore and indulge. Travelers booking Valley of Flowers tour packages have an amazing opportunity to enjoy unique & exotic colors and fragrances of different flowers. Valley of Flowers is spread over an area of about 87.50 sq km. It was declared as a national park in 1982 and also got recognition of UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1988.


Mid-March - end June
Temperature:10°C- 35°C

June - end September
Annual rainfall -250 cm-325 cm

Late November To Mid-February

Best Places to Visit in Valley of Flowers

Trekking is one of the greatest attractions of the valley as you pass through several stunning views. Getting to Valley of Flowers, one needs to take at 17 km of trek. The visitors to Valley of Flowers have to take a permit from Forest Department, Ghangaria. This permit is valid for 3 days and visiting and trekking are only allowed during day time.

The Valley of Flowers is supposed to have 600 species of angiosperms and 30 pteridophytes. More than 45 medicinal plants are also used by local from this valley.

The park doesn't have high density of wildlife animals but features some rarest and endangered animals. More than 13 species of mammals are found in this park, including Red Fox, Musk Deer, Snow Leopard, Himalayan Tahr, Himalayan Black Bear, and much more. You can also see different kinds of butterflies here.

As the name suggests, Valley of Flowers is home to various gorgeous flowers. You can also find here several rare medicinal plants. Some variety of flowers to be visited here is Orchids, Poppies, Primulas, Marigold, Daisies, Rhododendron, Angelica, Fritillary and many others.

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Beautiful Sights of Valley of Flowers
Valley of Flowers
Valley of Flowers
Valley of Flowers