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Varanasi, India

Varanasi is the land to get salvation. Varanasi is peaceful. Varanasi is the whole thing an anxious spirit looks for. Also known as Banaras or Kashi, Varanasi is a calm North Indian city located on the banks of River Ganges in Uttar Pradesh. The spiritual capital of India doesn’t have any exact information about its establishment. Hindus mythological believes suggest that the city is sited on the 'Trident' of Lord Shiva. The name of Varanasi has been kept after the two tributaries of Ganges that flows through the city named Varuna and Assi rivers. Varanasi developed as a significant industrial hub and became popular for its muslin and silk fabrics. Other items like perfumes, ivory works, and sculptures are also important items of the trade and commerce of the city.

It is one of the integral parts of Buddhist circuit tour as Buddha gave his first sermon at Sarnath close to the city. The city has witnessed Muslim rule, but remained the centre of activities for Hindus. It is recognized as the cultural capital of India; an ideal epithet it really deserves. Varanasi has been a place of learning since long. At present, it is home to one of the most reputed universities of India – Banaras Hindu University.

Different cerebral books have been written in the serene atmosphere of this place. Goswami Tulsi Das has composed Ram Charit Manas here. Apart from that, the city features 6 different universities that can’t be matched with any other destinations. IIT, Varanasi has been also founded recently that was actually converted from IT, BHU. Last but not the least; an overview of Varanasi doesn’t complete without mentioning about its temples and Ghats. There are many temples and about 80 different Ghats in Varanasi. People come here to pay a visit to these places.

Best Places

Visit in Varanasi

Being the religious capital of India, Varanasi offers unlimited peace to its visitors. It is said to be the land of solace, serenity and spirituality. Varanasi offers everything that an anxious heart wants. The establishment of this city is still a matter of discussion but it has shown its presence since the beginning of Hindu religion. There are many good places to see in Varanasi. It is comprised of numerous sightseeing attractions, temples and 80 Ghats and attracts the people from each corner of India and world. A trip to this city brings the opportunity to visit many places in and around Varanasi. Check the list of major tourist attractions in Varanasi that can be visited on your trip.

Bharat Mata Temple

Differing the common believes of the tourists, Bharat Mata Temple is not devoted to any God, Goddess or certain deity. This temple is dedicated to the human expression of our country that is traditionally known as Mother India or Bharat Mata in Hindi. Inauguration of the temple was done by Mahatma Gandhi - father of the nation. It doesn’t house any statue of Bharat Mata but displays a huge relief map of India carved with marble.

Banaras Hindu University

IEstablished in the year 1916-1917 under a special act of parliament, BHU act was passed under the British government. Ideation and implementation of this unicersity was done by Mahamna Pundit Madan Mohan Malaviya and Annie Besant. Being a hub of learning, Varanasi is also known in the world for this famous university. It is the largest residential university in Asia that has been developed as major hub of education in Indian art, music, culture and philosophy. It also provides great study opportunity for several other subjects.

Durga Mandir

Built in 18th century, Durga Temple is colored in red with Ochre. It is supposed to be the prominent temples of Banaras. The temple has a Bangla influence of spirituality but it is totally built following North Indian pattern called Nagara.

Kashi Vishwanath Mandir

This famous temple of Banaras is identity of Varanasi as it is considered as the most sacred and holiest temple of this serene place. Vishwanath Temple is very popular outside India also as a considerable number of foreign visitors comes to visit this temple. Followers of Semitic religions are not permitted to enter the chamber of the temple.

Ramnagar Fort

Former and the contemporary residence of the Maharaja of Kashi, Ramnagar Fort is located opposite to the bank of the Ganges. The fort is exceptionally maintained keeping in mind its old world charm that goes back to the 17th century. The most significant construction inside the fort is 'Durbar Hall'.

Sankat Mochan Mandir

It is also included in the must visit list of Varanasi that has no historical significance and no one known its date of establishment. Earlier, it was very small in structure that was upgraded when Mahants collected funds.

Tulsi Manas Mandir

This temple of Varanasi has its own historical and cultural importance because the great epic of Ramcharitmanas was originally composed at this place by Goswami Tulsidas. So, the name of the temple was given after the great poet and his composition.

Assi Ghat

It is the southernmost ghat in Varanasi. It is frequently visited by people for recreation and during festivals.

Bharat Kala Bhawan

It is a museum, which displays of a great compilation of scriptures, paintings, sculptures, archaeological objects etc. The museum is having some amazing collection. You can explore here so many rare findings in museum which cannot be seen in any other part of the world. Tourists love to see this museum which consists of the materials of historical importance.

Kabir Math

It is a peaceful place in Varanasi where one can go for spending a relaxing time. The math is worth a visit on the occasion of Kabir Jayanti. This place is extremely regarded for its historical importance that can be visited on trip to Varanasi.


Varanasi, India

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March to Mid-June, warm and hot

Temperature:32°C – 46°C

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July to October, receives average rainfall

Annual rainfall -200 cm

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Last November to February, Cool and Pleasant

Temperature:19°C – 5°C


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