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Visakhapatnam, India

Visakhapatnam is the largest city of the state of Andhra Pradesh in terms of population and area. The famous port city is located on the north eastern region of the state on the coast of Bay of Bengal. Snuggled amidst the hills of Eastern Ghats, Visakhapatnam is also known as Vizag. The city serves as the administrative headquarters of the Visakhapatnam District and also is the financial capital of the state of Andhra Pradesh. It also is the Eastern Naval Command of the Indian Navy. Visakhapatnam is nicknamed as the 'City of Destiny' and also home to one of most highly developed steel plants of India. One can also find here many heavy industries. Visakhapatnam features one of the biggest ports of the country and the oldest shipyard and only natural harbor of the eastern coast of India. The city is also home to the much respected Andhra University. Much admired rivers like Godavari and Indravati flow across this city of valor.

There is a huge rock named Dolphin's Nose is most noteworthy landmark of the port city. The legends suggest that the city was named after Vishakha, the God of Valor. History of this port city stretches back to the 6th century BCE. In the past, it was an integral part of the Kalinga region and afterwards ruled by the Vengi kingdom, Pallavas and Eastern Ganga dynasties. As per the archaeological records, the current city was built around the 11th and 12th centuries CE. It was captured in the 15th century by the Vijayanagara Empire. And the Mughals occupied it in the 16th century. Afterwards European powers started showing their trading interests in this port city from the 18th century. However, Visakhapatnam developed as one of the prime port cities of India post independence. Along with being a ship construction hub, the city of Vizag has a number of tourist attractions that make it perfect place for holidaying. On your Visakhapatnam tour, you can explore sun-kissed beaches, vast valleys, traditional temples, several Buddhist sites, significa

Best Places

Visit in Visakhapatnam

Visakhapatnam is an enchanting city that is known for its charming sandy beaches and scenic natural beauty. The city is greatly industrialized but its charm is still intact through the azure water beaches and coconut trees. On your tour to Visakhapatnam, you will come across so many places that are worth visiting. Interesting places to visit in Visakhapatnam are Buddhist excavation sites, primeval temples, charming beaches, lush green forests, informative museums and vantage points. The city also provides ample space to make your trip memorable one. There are several tourist attractions in Visakhapatnam from which the city is dotted.

Ramakrishna Beach

Ramakrishna Beach is the most renowned beach of Visakhapatnam. It is recognized for its tranquil waters and relaxing atmosphere and offers a charming view of the countryside. In the last few years, the beach has become much popular among the tourists and locals.

Rishikonda Beach

Located far from the hums and buzz of city life, Rishikonda Beach is an ultimate destination for people coming on vacations in Visakhapatnam. With untouched sandy stretches and soothing waves of the ocean, this beach turns into a perfect destination for exploring.

Indira Gandhi Zoological Park

Located in the natural background of a reserve forest, Indira Gandhi Zoological Park is one of the largest zoos of India. It is spread over an area of 625 acres and was named after Indira Gandhi. The zoo houses a large number of livings, including animals, reptiles and birds. A visit to this park is fun for all and it is a must visit attraction in Visakhapatnam.


In the vast area of Vizag, Kailasagiri is one of the most gorgeous places to visit. Located on a hilltop, it is an ultimate destination that positively looks like the dwelling of God. From here, one can enjoy the panoramic views of both the Rishikonda and Ramakrishna Beach. It is basically a hill park and boasts of several tourist attractions like idols of Shiv-Parvathi, Floral Clock, Art Gallery, Gliding Base Point, Jungle Trails, Food Courts, Shiva Temple, Titanic View Point, Shanti Ashram, View Points, Road Train, Children Play Park and Telescopic Point. In addition to these attractions, its pleasing ambiance and picturesque beauty make this place worth exploring.


Dolphin's Nose is certainly a prominent landmark of the city of Visakhapatnam. It has a height of 357 meters, which in the form of a Dolphin's nose. It is basically a cave, which also houses a lighthouse. It is supposed to be the oldest lighthouse of India. The beam of this lighthouse can be seen as far as 64 km out at sea and this makes it very helpful for the shippers.

Mudasarlova Water Works and Park

Mudasarlova Park is located in a valley surrounded by hills, around 10 km away from Vishakhapatnam. The main appeal of the place is the lake that supplies water to this park. Due to the water supply, slides and sports are organized to attract the tourists and city-dwellers. It also houses a Golf Course, which is possessed by the East Point Golf Club.

The Harbor & Three Hills

Vishakhapatnam is known for housing the natural harbor of the country. The place is dotted with trees and hills and is one of the most amazing harbors in the world. In the pleasant backdrop of three hills, the harbor offers a spectacular panorama. Another interesting fact is that each of these hills has a place of worship. Dargah Konda is comprised of a mosque, Venkateshwara Konda has a temple of Lord Venkateshwara and Ross Hill has a Roman Catholic Church of Mother Mary. There is a trail amidst these three hills, which meander over three acres of dense woodland. It is an ultimate place to enjoy trekking.

Submarine Museum

Submarine Museum is a wonderful place to have real-life experiences at submarines. It is the only museum in India and Asia to retain a marine life. Actually, the museum has been crafted out of a real submarine of Indian Navy. You can get here complete information of the working style of this museum.

Jagadamba Center

Jagadamba Center is a business district hub of Visakhapatnam, which is also said to be the essence of entertainment in Vizag. You can spend here great leisure-time. The place features both the local shopping centers and famous malls. Here, you can shop the artifacts and accessories on top.

War Memorial

Located opposite to the Submarine Museum of the Beach Road, War Memorial is created to celebrate our victory at the sea in Indo-Pak war of 1971. This is a Naval Museum, which was founded to display fighter plane, tank and few missiles.

Matsya Darshini

It is an aquarium and a fish museum, which is one of the key attractions of the city. The aquarium has a great collection of marine fishes and freshwater fishes. It is out of the ordinary and features a façade that has an entrance doorway. It resembles to an open mouth of a giant white-tipped shark. The museum hosts of a number of sea and oceanic marine life. On the top of this building, Kala Shrusti is a handicraft shop.


Bavikonda is a Buddhist excavation site, which dates back to the 2nd and 3rd century. At this excavation sites, several objects like pottery, roman coins and satavahana coins were found. The Bavikonda site is counted among one of the most prehistoric and vastly sacred Buddhist sites in the Asia.


Mangamaripeta is a small hamlet, which is located around 16 km away from Visakhapatnam. It is recognized for Thotlakonda - a hill featuring a Buddhist complex. Located at an elevation of 128 meters above the ground, this complex was discovered into an aerial survey conducted by Indian Navy. It is used to serve as a center to promote Buddhism.


Visakhapatnam, India

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March - June, Extreme & dry heat

Temperature:30°C - 45.8°C

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June to September, heavy rainfall

Annual rainfall -95 cm

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October-February, Cold

Temperature:28º C – 29º C to 13º C


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