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Best Time to Visit in Aurangabad

Similar to most of the destinations in Maharashtra, Aurangabad also encounters a semi-arid climate. Being indeed an ultimate holiday spot, the city features a number of tourist attractions reminding of a bygone era. So, it appeals a number of travelers to enjoy a memorable holiday trip all through the year. If you are planning a visit to Aurangabad, get information about the weather conditions of the city and know about the best time to visit Aurangabad. Read in details when to visit Aurangabad.

Summer Season in Aurangabad arrives in March and stays till June. These months are generally scorching hot and sticky with the mercury levels crossing beyond 40° C. One should avoid taking a trip to Aurangabad in these months. However, if you are coming here in this season, then carry cotton clothes and sunscreen lotions to avoid heat and sunburn.

Monsoon begins in Aurangabad in last week of June and stays till early October with rampant rainfall to remove the effect of the blazing heat. The place receives a rainfall of around 1200 mm. It creates a magical aura in the whole neighborhood of Aurangabad.

Winter arrives in Aurangabad from November and remains till February. It becomes cooler with the temperature dipping as low as 10°C during extreme cold days. This is the best season to visit Aurangabad as this place becomes really beautiful during these months. The weather of the city is really pleasant, which makes this period as the best time to travel to Aurangabad.

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