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Best Time to Visit in Kasauli

Kasauli pleasant hill town of Himachal, Kasauli enjoys a pleasant and breezy weather throughout the year. Due to its pleasant climate, it remains an ideal holiday destination during the year. Explore the below content to know more about the details of the weather of Kasauli so that you can plan your trip accordingly.

Summer season in Kasauli arrives in March and continues till mid-June. Temperature ranges from 16°C to 36°C. Climate is not so hot and the ambiance remains pleasant as well during summers. Nights are relatively cold than day time. You can visit the city in this season and enjoy a perfect break with loved ones.

Monsoon in Kasauli stays between June and September. Most of the rain is experienced in the month of July and August. During this season, you can see flowers and natural vegetation enhancing the beauty to this region. It is also supposed to be the best time to visit Kasauli as the place becomes really romantic. One should carry raincoat and umbrella in this season.

Winter Season commences in Kasauli from November and stays till February. These months are great time to visit the place. It is really romantic to stay here. The minimum temperature during this time goes up to freezing point making it a perfect time for honeymooners. You are supposed to carry heavy woolen clothes.

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