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Pune is located near the western margin of the Deccan Plateau and is very popular for its rejuvenating weather. The nights are cool and pleasant all through the year and days experience heat of sun in each season. Like other cities of India, it also witnesses three main seasons, including summer, winter and monsoon.

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City Weather / Temperature

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Summer season in Pune starts from first week of April and ends till mid-June. During these months, temperature of the city does not rise to an intolerable extent and remains between 30°C and 38°C. However, the high humidity may be caused by the rains and discomfort for people.

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Winter season in Pune is very pleasant and nights start experiencing a great drop in temperature. However, the usual temperature remains between 10°C and 12°C. It starts in November with breezy days, clear skies and cool nights and continues till February. It is supposed to be the best time to visit Pune.

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Monsoon in Pune arrives in mid-June and continues till September. Pune receives a heavy rainfall with an annual average of 722 mm. During this time, the average temperature of Pune hovers between 20°C and 28°C. The rainy season in Pune brings continuous rain.


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