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Best Time to Visit in Srinagar

Srinagar experiences alpine weather. Here, only two climates prevail, including pleasant summers and freezing winters. So, you must be worried about the best time to visit Srinagar. Srinagar weather is generally divided into four seasons that are summer, spring, autumn and winter.

Summer starts in Srinagar from April to September with maximum temperature 34°C and minimum temperature below 9°C. Due to enjoying cool climate in summers, these are the ideal months for visiting Srinagar.

Monsoon season can’t be experienced in Srinagar due to its natural condition. But Autum season comes in September and goes on till October. Weather in September in Srinagar is pleasant with chilly nights. As the time passes, temperature goes down drastically.

Winter season arrives in November and remains till March with maximum temperature up to 8°C and minimum temperature reaches below the freezing point. Spring hovers between mid March and early May and is characterized with light rain and slow winds

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