Wokha, India

Wokha town is a scenic town in the Wokha district of the north-east Indian state of Nagaland. One of the most interesting features of this town is its ancient stone monoliths, which were erected by the ancient tribal heads near the hillsides. Moreover, Wokha has also been one of the earliest locations of the Assam Rifles. It is a place of scenic and natural beauty, rivers and mountain ranges. Also, Wokha is renowned for its unique folk songs and cultural dances. Colorful 'Rhododendrons' are found clinching to the rocks and cliffs of this region. This place has a local market, Wokha market where you can buy local crafts and amenities. The town is around 75 KM from the state capital- Kohima. Wokha is the home for the Lotha tribe who speak 'Kyong language'. So, explore this beautiful place by booking any of the Wokha holiday packages available at EaseMyTrip.in and go for a memorable Wokha trip for lifetime.


Mid-March - end June
Temperature:26°C- 40°C

June - end September
Annual rainfall -250 cm-325 cm

Late November To Mid-February

Best Places to Visit in Wokha

Mount Tiyi:
Located at an altitude of 1969.61 metres above sea level, Mount Tiyi offers beautiful view of the surroundings. It is believed that an orchard was seen at this site which could only be seen by a few lucky ones. But, rhododendrons can still be seen on the cliff. You can also enjoy rock climbing while being here. Tourists while visiting the cliff can also enjoy rock climbing.

Doyang Hydro Project:
Amongst the prime tourist spots, the Doyang Hydro Project is visited by a huge of tourists. You can view the dam from the hilltop of several villages of Wokha.

Doyang River, Chubi River and Nzhu River are some of the famous rivers of the Wokha district.

Liphanyan Governor's Camp:
This camp is situated at the foothills of the Wokha district and in the proximity to the Doyang River. The Doyang River flows in a zigzag pattern through vales and hills. Apart from being a picnic spot, this site also offers activities such as rafting, river camping and angling.

Totsu Wozhu Lake:
The lake is situated in the south of Phiru-shaki area of Wokha. This lake is much larger than other lakes and sprawls over an area of 1 acre. While here, you can also find various hill fishes.

Tokhu, Emong and Pikhuchak are the most famous festivals celebrated by the local tribes here.

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Beautiful Sights of Wokha