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Alibaug, India

Alibaug is a charming coastal town located in the Raigad district of the Konkan region in the state of Maharashtra. Alibaug mean ‘Garden of Ali’, which is a popular getaway for Mumbai. Enjoying lush tropical beauty and featuring the palm fringed beaches; the place is an ideal holiday destination for those seeking a break from frantic city life.

Alibaug is pleasantly luxuriant and a pure retreat, which enjoys lush mango orchards, chikoo-wadis and fertile farms. The place becomes really beautiful during the monsoons; when rain washes the trees and aroma of wet earth attract you to be part of this place. In Alibag, you will find yourself surrounded with the nature. The orchards of coconut and betel nut, calm and refreshing shores of sandy beaches, old mansions as the live witness of its history and different locations offering delights to the photographers make it a wonderful destination for all.

Since, the place is surrounded by water on three sides; it is often called as the ‘Goa’ of Maharashtra. The crystal clear water of the sea, sparkling beaches, fresh sea breeze and the calm atmosphere make Alibaug an ideal place enjoying a perfect weekend.

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Visit in Alibaug

Alibaug brings a visual treat for the tourists who love to explore the beauty of nature. It is an oasis in one corner of a bustling city that takes you away from the frustrating schedule of everyday life. It is a place where you can play for hours with the numerous altering faces of nature between morning and evening. All of which are beautiful in their way and there are many attractions in Alibaug that can be visited on Alibaug trip.

Alibaug Beach

Alibaug Beach is one of the famous beaches of Alibaug. Among all the beaches, Alibaug Beach features the blackest sand deposits. People come here to relax and release their stress. There is a mausoleum of Ali Shah Bawa in the heart of the town and this beach is named after him.

Kolaba Fort

Kolaba Fort is positioned in the sea at a distance of 1 to 2 km from the Alibaug shores. Most of the time, it is surrounded by ocean. However, you can reach to this fort during low tide or else go in a horse pulled cart. Taking a boat ride is another way to reach there. This fort was built by Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj and is supposed to be the last of his contributions that he built before his death. The fort used to have one sweet water well.

Khanderi Fort

Located at a distance of about 4 km from the Alibagh Beach, Khanderi Fort is another key attraction of the town. It was constructed in year 1678 and stands on a small island. There is also a lighthouse that was constructed afterward. For years, the fort was in demand by the British Raj, they tried to capture the island along with the fort but their attempts were unsuccessful until 1750. Finally, the fort was handed over to the British as part of the Peshwa territory. Currently, the fort is under the administration of Bombay Port trust and is one of the key attractions of the region. On permission by the Bombay Port Trust, one can visit the fort by local boats.

Kihim Beach

Located to the north of the city, Kihim Beach is surrounded with greenery enriched with vibrant butterflies, coconut groves and wild flowers. It is a lesser crowded land that makes its beauty untouched. You can find different types of beautiful migratory and resident birds in abundance at the beach.

Janjira Fort

Located 55 km away from Alibaug, the fort contains several towers and turrets. The main entry of the fort is made of a beautiful stone carving, which portrays a tiger trapped by 6 elephants. Other appeal of this place is the sweet water lake that is there from the time of its origin and construction.

Nagaon Beach

It is a beautiful beach, which is located 7 km from Alibaug. The beach is an ideal place for picnic and encircled by suru trees and cypress grove. One can enjoy here water sports like boat ride; kayaking and much more. There are many bungalows, cottages, farmhouses and home stays along the shores.

Mandwa Beach

Situated 20 km north of Alibaug, the beach attracts a number of visitors owing to its dense coconut trees along the shore.

Versoli Beach

Located in the outskirts of Alibaug in Versoli, this beach serves as a marine base where people can enjoy some moments of peace with clean water. The beach is lined with several coconut and casuarina trees.

Kanakeshwar Forest

It is a dense forest surrounded with lush greenery. The dense woods allow you enjoying the beauty of nature. It is a nice place to spend some quality time in the company of nature.

Someshwar Temple

It is an ancient Hindu temple located at a distance of 3 km from Alibaug. The temple was constructed by Satavahana rulers and its structure reflects the structural style of the ruling period.

Revdanda Fort

Situated about 17 km away from Alibaug, the fort is also called as Revdanda Aagarkot. The fort was constructed by a Portuguese Captain in 1558. Explore the fort that has 7-storey tower wrapped with betel nut plantations. The site offers the delightful views of the palm-fringed fortifications untouched by waves during high tide.

Vikram Vinayak Mandir

Situated at a distance of about 20 km away from Alibaug, this temple is situated on a small hillock. It is surrounded by a stunning garden and fountains. One can reach to the temple by climbing the stairs.

Akshi Beach

Sited at a distance of 5 km from Alibaug, it is a white sandy beach with many suru trees dotted along the coast. The beach is mainly visited by tourists due to a variety of birds and different flora present there. Its clean water is ideal for swimming.


Alibaug, India

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March to Mid-June, Warm yet Pleasant

Temperature:28°C – 35°C

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July to October

Annual rainfall -1200 mm

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Last November to February, Cool and Charming

Temperature:12°C – 22°C


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