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Bhopal, India

Bhopal is the capital city of the state of Madhya Pradesh, which amazing intertwines the different aspects of Hindu & Muslim cultures. The city also displays a bygone era charm that has remained immaculate till date. It has an old city, which features vibrant markets, narrow lanes, awesome palaces, old mansions and several historical monuments suggesting the aristocratic stamp of the ancient times. On the other side, the new city of Bhopal features huge avenues and modern buildings creating an evenly similar fascinating image of the city.

Bhopal city is named after its founder, Paramar king Bhoja. It used to be the centre of the Dravidian culture. Due to presence of several natural and manmade lakes in & around the city makes it City of Lakes. These lakes enhance the natural beauty of the city. Bhopal is blessed with forested jungles, spectacular landscapes and wonderful hills. The old and new parts of Bhopal have their own special appeals, which they however merge to pass on the place to add to its beauty.

The extensive boulevards are dotted with Gulmohar trees and the irregular and twisting also add beauty to the place. Come across the old bazaars that are endless depots of traditional handicrafts. These markets are popular among the visitors for their beaded handiworks and premium fabrics. Stroll around the numerous composed lakes that make this city wonderful. With an extraordinary historical grace and its architectural brilliance, Bhopal stands on top among all the cities of Madhya Pradesh.

Best Places

Visit in Bhopal

Bhopal is home to a number of tourist attractions, which appeals a number of travelers. The place has a backdrop that still invokes the images of its glorious past, in form of ancient temples, mosques & palaces. These prime sightseeing places in Bhopal are the true delight of visitors and comprised of few of the most well-known tourist attractions of Madhya Pradesh. In one part of Bhopal, travelers can go for excursion tours of two World Heritage sites, including Sanchi Stupas & Bhimbetka Rock Shelters and old Bhojpur Temple. Apart from that, there are numerous places to visit in Bhopal. Read this article to explore the places of tourist interest to be visited in Bhopal.

Laxmi Narayan Temple

Popularly recognized as Birla Temple, Laxmi Narayan Temple is one of the contributions of the Birlas to the city of Bhopal. It is dedicated to the Hindu deities, including Goddess Laxmi & Lord Vishnu. It features sandy-yellow structure, embellished with idols of several Gods and Goddesses. Creating a splendid sight, the temple attracts a number of devotees and visitors.

Bharat Bhavan

It is a stunning and exclusive cultural complex in Bhopal, built and designed by the world famous architect Charles Correa. The whole marvel of this cultural complex lies in innumerable low lying brilliantly ordered buildings, along the banks of the lake. It is a must visit attraction in Bhopal.

Birla Museum

Bhopal is located close to the premises of Laxmi Narayan Temple and is an accumulation of art and artifacts dating back to the 12th century. Its wonderfully carved archway and sprawling green lawns make it a great attraction of Bhopal.

State Archaeological Museum

It is another great place of tourist interest in Bhopal displaying numerous informative and extraordinary artifacts that belong to the historic era of Madhya Pradesh. The museum is the tiny appearance of the rich culture of the state..

Taj-ul Masjid

Taj-ul-Masjid is one of the greatest and most attractive mosques in India, which literally means 'The Crown of Mosques'. It is a famous landmark of the city that features a pink portico, connected with white-domed minarets. Touching to the skyline, the mosque stands as a proof of the influence of the Begums in Bhopal. The construction of the mosque started under the rule of Shah Jehan Begum, but completed after her death. There is a madarsa in this prominent monument.

Shaukat Mahal

A wonderful blend of oriental and occidental architectural styles, Shaukat Mahal is built in Gothic and post-Renaissance architectural patterns. It has been designed by a Frenchman; yet differs from other Muslim monuments in its neighborhood. The exterior of the architecture is painted in white and carved with superb floral patterns making it obvious among all beautiful monuments of Bhopal.

Sadar Manzil

Situated close to Shaukat Mahal, Sadar Manzil is another gorgeous site of Bhopal. Till today, the place displays the sumptuousness of the bygone Nawabi era of Bhopal. It used to serve as the ‘Janta Darbar’ for the former rulers of the place. Nowadays, the building is the headquarters of Bhopal Municipal Corporation.

Rashtriya Manav Sangrahalaya

It is the National Museum of Mankind, which is renamed as Indira Gandhi Rashtriya Manav Sangrahalaya. Spread over an area of 200 acres, it is the one of its kinds of museums around the world to have several pre historic painted rock shelters.

Moti Masjid

Moti Masjid of Bhopal broadly reminds you of the Jama Masjid of New Delhi. Constructed in 1860 by Sikandar Jahan Begum, the daughter of Qudsia Begum, this astounding mosque intensely shows the advancement of Islamic art and architecture during Nawabi era. The mosque has its obligatory pool in the middle. It is made-up with red sandstone and has an eye-catching marble portico, with two red minarets topped by golden spikes.

Taj Mahal Palace

Coincidentally Taj Mahal of Bopal is built by Shah Jehan Begum (main Taj Mahal is built by Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan). The construction of the palace was started in 1871 and finished in 1884. The palace features 120 rooms and 8 huge halls, which are festooned with diverse shades & chic furniture. It is still a great place to visit in Bhopal.

Upper and Lower Lakes

These lakes contribute a lot in decorating the landscape of Bhopal. At the upper lake, one can enjoy the exciting trips by sailing, paddling and motor boating. 'Van Vihar' (safari park) and an aquarium of fish shape close to the place also attract the locals and tourists.

Gauhar Mahal

Spread over an area of 4.65 acres, Gauhar Mahal is sited along the upper Lake. It dates back to the era of Qudsia Begum, who is also known as Gauhar Begum. The palace was constructed year in 1820 and superbly expresses the perfect fusion of Hindu & Mughal architecture.


Bhopal, India

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March to Mid-June, warm and dry

Temperature:21°C – 39°C

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October to November, receives average rainfall

Annual rainfall -200 cm

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November to February, Cool and Pleasant

Temperature:30°C – 15°C


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