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Daman, India

Daman is a beautiful destination but often remains ignorant by many travelers due to its unremarkable tourism activities. However once you come here, this exotic island is going to awe you with its sheer charm and natural beauty. Located among the states of Maharashtra and Gujarat, Daman is an ideal tourist place for people who find happiness amidst splendor of nature. Daman is the capital city of one of the union territories of India – Daman & Diu. The city surprises its visitors with its natural resources. Daman is divided in two different parts, including Nani Daman and Moti Daman.

Daman is the perfect destination for you if you have interests in Portuguese history. This Portuguese town is enriched with sandy beaches, lush palm trees, calm environs, monuments of Portuguese era and many places for worship. It has numerous forts and churches demonstrating its glorious past. The place is visited by huge number of scholars and students, who come here to know more about its Portuguese history. Daman is a port town, which offers an abundance of sea food satisfying the taste buds of fish lovers. Different varieties of liquor are also available at the quaint bars and sea side modern restaurants at unbeatable price that is a bonus for the travelers. Whether you are fond of nature, or seek solitude on vacation, or love adventures, Daman will allure you with everything you want on your holidays.

Best Places

Visit in Daman

Daman happened to be a Portuguese colony, which is now a flourishing industrial hub, a beach resort and a trendy local getaway. The city offers everything, from heritage to culture and from leisure and fun to adventure and business tourism. There are many tourist attractions in Daman that you can visit on your trip.

Church of Bom Jesus

Situated in the Moti Daman area of Daman, The Church of Bom Jesus is an ancient shrine. It is one among the most magnificent historical and sacred structures of the city, which demonstrates the colonial charm of bygone era. The church was established in AD 1559 and was finally considered holy as a church in AD 1603. This time, the Portuguese supremacy in Daman was in its early ages. It exhibits an exquisite Roman style of architecture and is a great example of the brilliant Portuguese engineering artistry. The intricately carved entrances, creatively decorated interiors and wooden altars of this shrine are still preserved after several years. Large numbers of tourists and devotees equally visit the Church of Bom Jesus all through the year.

Jampore Beach

Situated in the Moti Daman region, Jampore Beach is one of the best attractions of the city. It enjoys a pleasant weather all through the year and is an extensive stretch of golden sand and verdant Casuarinas groves. The place offers low tides and has no undercurrents that make it safe for people of all ages to swim. If you want some solace, this waterfront with its tranquil surroundings is the ultimate place to be. You can either take a leisurely stroll on the shoreline, or just sit and watch the sunset. During evenings, locals and tourists come at Jampore Beach and enjoy the mesmerizing views of the sunset. You can pick here some shells at the shore and bring them back as souvenirs.

St Jerome Fort

Situated on the way to the north of River Damanganga, St. Jerome Fort is a prehistoric castle that lets you exploring the the rich colonial history of Daman. The name of the fort is given after St. Jerome - a famous priest of bygone era. The 12th Portuguese Viceroy of India initiated the construction of this fort after the Mughal attack in AD 1614. This fort was built entirely in AD 1672 during the era of Dom Franciso de Gama. The fort is spread over an area of 12250 M² and houses a church, memorial park and ruins of bygone times. Its magnificent gateway overlooks the river flowing closely is one of the most outstanding features of the fort. The fort welcomes the visitors with a huge statue at the entrance. Our Lady of the Sea Church is an essential attraction within the perimeter of St Jerome fort complex. From the fort, you can enjoy the beautiful views of river, lush green surroundings and fishing boats kept along the riverside.

Nani Daman

Nani Daman is a charming place that enjoys many natural and man-made attractions. It is full of residential colonies, educational centers and shopping areas. River Damanganga glorifies the overall beauty of this place. The place is home to many Gothic churches, Portuguese forts, temples and lighthouses. There are many places of interest in Nani Daman that can allow you sightseeing for long. The Lady of Remedios Church is a prime attraction of this location. In Nani Daman, there is an old lighthouse offering awe-inspiring views of the setting sun. It serves as a popular vantage point and offers spectacular sights of the Damanganga River. Old Jain Temple is another great attraction of this destination enjoying excellent mural artworks and glass paintings of the 18th century.

Jetty Garden

Jetty Garden is a charming riverside park, which is situated in the Moti Daman region of Daman city. The garden is positioned on the banks of the River Daman Ganga and enjoys striking stretch of land featuring gorgeous fountains, walking trails and riverfront seats. With open spaces and tastefully done lawns, it becomes perfect place for enjoying picnics. The garden offers fun rides for children to enjoy.


Daman, India

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March to Mid-June, warm and dry

Temperature:26°C – 36°C

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July to October

Annual rainfall -325 cm

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November to February, Cool and Pleasant

Temperature:23°C – 10°C


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