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Diu, India

Diu is an isolated island and an ideal place for a serene vacation. This tiny island is connected to Gujarat’s southern coast by a bridge and enjoys a deep connection with Portuguese history. The major architectural landmarks of Diu comprise of three churches and a seafront fort. Alcohol is not illegal here. If you have spent adequate time in any of the typical Gujarati cities and just want to chill out with beer, the place offers an inspiring break.

It has been always portrayed as a seaside destination. Yet, Diu is not a great option for a beach vacation. However, it is one of the safest places in country to ride a two-wheeler, with least traffic and brilliant roads. Similar to Daman and Goa, Diu too was a Portuguese colony. It is part of a Union Territory of India – Daman & Diu and operated from Delhi. Diu town is located at the east end part of the island. Tourism plays an important part in the economy of the Diu town. Other key industries here are alcohol, fishing, and salt. Kalpana Distillery is known for producing rum from sugarcane. If you seek solitude with relaxation, Diu is an ideal place for you.

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Diu was a Portuguese colony, which is now a popular tourism hub. The place enjoys an incredible heritage charm and offers numerous things from leisure and fun to adventure and business tourism. If you are going to visit Diu, the place has so much to offer you. There are many tourist attractions in Diu that you can visit on your trip.

Diu Fort

Diu Fort is a majestic place, which silently overlooks the Arabian Sea. Constructed in 1535, this massive and well-preserved Portuguese fort is known for offering a strategic vantage point. The fort has double moat, a grand range of cannons, little chapels, carved gravestone sections, and much more that signify the architectural brilliance of that era.

Fortress of Panikota

Also called as Fortim do Mar, Fortress of Panikota is a wonderful fortress in Diu. Located at the gateway of a stream, Panikota Fortress is a splendid stone building that connects you through a motor launch or a canoe. It is located about a marine mile from the jetty of Diu. It offers panoramic view of the sea and Diu Island. Fortress of Panikota is comprised of a small chapel and a lighthouse. The small chapel is sacred to Our Lady of the Sea. You can understand the socio-cultural life of this part through the Fortress of Panikota.

Gangeshwar Temple

Gangeshwar Temple finds its mention in mythology. In this temple, five Pandavas worshipped Lord Shiva during their exile. The temple infuses a divine aura and one of the most remarkable features of the Gangeshwar Temple is the five shivlings positioned amidst the rocks. They get washed by the sea waves and only show the top of the lingams during high tides. The cave temple exudes powerful energy and is much worshiped by devotees of Lord Shiva.

St. Paul

Built in year 1610, St. Paul’s Church is an extraordinary church dedicated to Our Lady of Immaculate Conception. Its architecture has an ornate style and remarkable features making it the most amazing among all the Portuguese churches of India. In the little island of Diu, this place of worship offers peace and divinity to its visitors and seems like reaching out to the skies.

Church of St. Francis of Assisi

Built in year 1593, the Church of St Francis of Assisi is one of the most stunning churches on the island. The flawless architectural splendor of the church echoes a celestial message everywhere if you stand inside the church. This ancient church enjoys the thrilling beauty of Arabian Sea.

Church of St. Thomas- Diu Museum

Constructed in year 1598, The Church of St. Thomas has served as one of the most popular churches of India during Portuguese regime. It is known for its Gothic style architecture and is one among the few churches in India having such structure. Its exteriors have still preserved the washed-out and dull frescos of the Portuguese era. In year 1998, the Church of St. Thomas was converted into a museum.

Jallandhar Shrine

Jallandhar Shrine is a must visit attraction for those seeking a divine experience. Situated just off Jallandhar beach, the stone carved face of Jallandhar is there. Enjoy some time at the beachfront along with marvelous sea views and get rid of all your stress.

Naida Caves

Naida Caves are the perfect delights for the travelers. You should visit these caves on a clear sunny day and be confident that the cave's natural openings will not upset you with absolute display of light.

Sea Shell Museum

Sea Shell Museum in Diu is home to the greatest range of sea shells in Asia. It features about 3000 different kinds of sea shells. This museum is a labor of love and was set up by a retired navy Captain Devjibhai Vira Fulbaria. He collected thousands of shells during his 50 years of expedition and kept those all for display. Visit the place and get awed with the sound of roaring sea shells.


Diu, India

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March to Mid-June, warm and dry

Temperature:26°C – 36°C

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July to October

Annual rainfall -325 cm

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November to February, Cool and Pleasant

Temperature:23°C – 10°C


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