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Goa, India

Rightly quoted as the ‘Pearl of Orient,’ Goa is a destination that offers all of the assets of tourism, including charming beaches, magnificent mansions, beautiful churches, majestic forts and various holy shrines. Feni, fun & palm fronds; sun, sand, sea spray and scrumptious seafood at peaceful beach resorts, this a little state has so much in it that will fill your soul with cherishing holiday memories for life. Right from Beach holiday paradise, to honeymoon haven to family fun zone, Goa shows different perspective for people. This state has a 105 KM long coastline that is divided by headlands, estuaries and bays into 40 plus beautiful beaches.

Goa’s lush green landscape edges the golden coastline, which overlooks the sparkling seas in the beach capital of India. Whether you’re planning a quick weekend getaway with friends, a family holiday or seeking to spend some memorable moments with that special someone, Goa has all the ingredients for a perfect holiday recipe. Also, you can enjoy cruise experience in the famous Casino Royale Goa, visit ancient places like Basilica of Bom Jesus, unexplored beaches in Goa for foreigners, delicious Goan food & sea food and enjoy shopping at the local Panjim markets. Although the smallest state in the country, Goa is one of the nation’s biggest tourist destinations that attracts millions of tourists for wonderful holiday experience.

Best Places

Visit in Goa

If you think Goa is all about visiting beaches and coming across an exotic nightlife, then you are completely mistaken. It is true that Goa is a land of sea, sand, and sun. But there is much more to explore and enjoy in Goa. The main tourist attractions in Goa are comprised of beaches, forts, churches and water sports. Explore in detail about the major places to visit in Goa.

Dudhsagar Waterfall

Located on the Goa-Karnataka border, Dudhsagar Waterfall is an amazing waterfall springing from a great height of 600 meters. It is located 60 km away from Panaji and 10 km away from Colem Railway Station. The fall enjoys the view of a valley covered with charming tropical forest.

Goa State Museum

Officially inaugurated on 29th September, 1977, Goa State Museum is a key attraction in Goa for history enthusiasts. The museum houses twelve galleries featuring historical and wonderful artifacts. It gives a great insight into different aspects of the history, heritage, art, culture and much more of Goa.

Pandava Caves

Also known as Arvalem Caves, Pandava Caves are among the top historical monuments standing till now in Goa. It is situated in the Bicholim town of North Goa. This ancient rock cut cave gives the chance to have a glimpse of the mythological stories.

Temples in Goa

Along with forts & churches, Goa also features a great number of temples. Architectures of the Goan temples are different from other places. Explore some of the top temples in Goa

Shri Bhagvati Temple Shri Bhagvati Temple complex features 5 temples in its premises and the main temple belongs to Devi Bhagavati. Other temples are dedicated to the Shri Sateri, Shri Dev Ravalnath, Shri Dev Bhivangi Panchakshari and Brahma.

Shri Chandranath Temple Placed on the top of a 350 meters high Chandranath Hill, the temple is dedicated to Lord Chandreshwar.

Shri Mahalaxmi Temple The temple is supposed to be the abode of the original Goddess of the Shakti sect. The main deity of the temple is Goddess Mahalaxmi.

Shri Mahalsa Temple The main deity of this temple is the manifestation of the Lord Vishnu as 'Mohini'.

Shri Mangueshi Temple Located in Ponda Taluka, the temple is devoted to the Lord Shiva. The temple features a brilliant architecture.

Forts in Goa

Along with beaches and churches, Goa is also known for its majestic fort that enjoys delightful views of surroundings. Some of the popular churches that you can visit on Goa trip are

Aguada Fort Located just south of Candolim, Aguada Fort is a well-maintained Portuguese fortress in Goa. The fort was constructed in year 1612 to safeguard the northern shores of the Mandovi estuary from the attacks of Dutch and Maratha. Presently, the fort houses the central jail. The fort is located 18 km away from Panaji.

Chapora Fort Originally constructed by the Adil Shah of Bijapur, Chapora Fort is located on the southern headland of the Chapora River. This red laterite bastion was constructed by the Portuguese in 1617 at the same place. The fort enjoys a wonderful view of the Vagator Beach and is close to Anjuna Beach.

Cabo Fort has many names at present, including Cabo Fort, Cabo Palace, Cabo Raj Niwas and even Raj Bhavan. It serves as the Governor's house currently and used to be house the Viceroy in colonial India. It is another key attraction of Goa.

Churches in Goa

Portuguese style churches, historical buildings, old forts, flea markets, all Goa attractions are known for their mystic history. To discover the rich heritage of bygone era and exploring the religious grace of the place, you should definitely visit its beautiful churches.

Basilica de Bom Jesus Located in Old Goa, it is an eminent Jesuit church and the first minor basilica in India. The form of infant Jesus is kept on the central altar that is splendidly glided. Above the alter, a large figure of the St. Ignatius Loyola, founder of the Jesuits is also place. This type of church is the most regarded sacred place in the world among Christian community.

Church & Convent of St Francis of Assisi This church was built by the Portuguese in 1661. The church also features an archaeological museum. Its statue of St. Francis of Assisi is made of wood, which adorns the base and bears the symbol of Franciscans. The portico is enhanced with a statue of Our Lady of Miracles, which was brought from Jaffna, Sri Lanka. One can also see here the idols of St. Peter, St. Michael and St. Paul.

Church of Our Lady of Immaculate Conception Built in Baroque architecture, the church features a white structure. It is located in Panaji along with gardens in its south east path. Portuguese built this originally as a chapel in 1541, which has now become a large church.

Lady Rosary Church The church is located on the western elevation of the holy hill, known as Monte Santo. One can enjoy the panoramic view of the Mandovi River and Divar Island from the church.

Chapel of St. Catherine It is one of the greatest Roman Catholic Church in Asia. This is a 16th-century church, which took 80 long years in its completion. This church with admirable tradition holds a high respect in the Christian community around the world. The church is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and an important attraction of Goa.

Beaches in Goa

Majorly known for its charismatic beaches, Goa allures tourists for the same. The peaceful pristine palm grooved beaches located here are always to die for. There are many beaches in Goa where honeymooners, adventurers and backpackers can go for lifetime fun. Some of the topmost beaches in Goa are

Anjuna Beach It is one among the most renowned sea beaches of Goa especially among foreigners. Its night parties are worth enjoying. The beach offers a number of eating joints with relaxed seashore. One can enjoy here delicious seafood and chilled beer together with loud music.

Baga Beach Located in North Goa, it is an ideal beach for families providing great accommodation facility in its vicinity. Various water sports activities can be enjoyed here. It is one of the liveliest places in Goa.

Candolim Beach Located 14 km away from Panaji, Candolim Beach is one of the longest and best beaches in Goa. It is part of the extended beach coastline along the Arabian Sea that initiates at Fort Aguada and concludes at Chapora Beach. The white sandy beach has become one of the greatest appeals of tourists coming to Goa due to its peaceful environment.

Calangute Beach This 7 km long beach is one of the most energetic beaches in Goa. Tourists come here to enjoy sunbathing along with relishing wonderful seafood accompanying beer. It is a heaven for adventure seekers where they can enjoy water sports like parasailing, jet-skiing and wind surfing. It is also an ideal place for shopaholics.

Chapora Beach It is an ideal beach for people seeking serenity and some peaceful moments. Covered with white sand and surrounded by coconut groves, the beach will amaze you with changing hues of water.

Dona Paula Dona Paula Beach is confluence zone of the Zuari and Mandovi Rivers. The beach was named after Dona Paula De Menezes. She was the daughter of Viceroy of that time and committed suicide due to being prohibited from marrying her lover Gaspar Dias, a local fisherman.

Palolem Beach It is usually recognized as Paradise Beach of India, which is an ultimate place for adventurers and honeymooners. The beach is becoming more and more popular with the time and seeing a constant growth in tourists.

Vagator Beach It is a picturesque beach located in Bardez taluka of Goa. The beach features white & soft sand and is lined with palm and coconut groves and black rocks. In comparison to other beaches, it is a bit negligent and less crowded. However, youth travelers can be spotted here. There are many other beaches in Goa but these are top in the list.


Goa, India

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Mid-March - end June, Humid & sunny

Temperature:25°C- 35°C

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June - end September, Torrential rains lasting for a short while, accompanied by thunder & lightening

Annual rainfall -250 cm-325 cm

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Late November to Mid-February, Clear-skies, cool & pleasant



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