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Kannur, India

Kannur is a land offering rich beautiful past with prosperous legends and myths. The small yet beautiful city is situated in God’s Own Country, Kerala. Located far from the bustling life of city, the place is nestled away in northern most corner of Kerala. It is an enchanting city of Kerala. If you want to discover the true beauty of nature in Kerala, traveling to Kannur is going to a great option for you. Tourism in Kannur is catching up rapidly and turning into one of the most admired tourist destinations of Kerala. Explore Kannur tour guide to know your related sections and come across the top tourist attractions of Kannur. Lakshadweep Sea washes the golden sands of the shores of Kannur. Its panorama is utterly stunning that enjoys turquoise blue water, coconut fringed shoreline and verdant green landscapes.

All these features make this beautiful city of Kannur one among the most visited places in Kerala. Kannu has a rich historical past and one can witness a superb merger of its past with the present. For many of the centuries, Kannur has served as the capital of the Kolathiri kings. In the 15th century, Portuguese arrived here and established one of their prehistoric settlements. Earlier served as the key port region, Kannur has now become a place known for the production of handloom and tobacco industries. At present, the place is blessed with plethora of rivers and Valapattanam River is the longest among those. Kannur also has widespread reserve forests and vested forests. In this Kannur travel guide, you shall get information about how to reach Kannur, top tourist attractions to visit in Kannur, famous excursions from Kannur and many other sightseeing places. So, come to Kannur and indulge into the untouched splendor of nature.

Best Places

Visit in Kannur

There are a number of beautiful tourist attractions in Kannur, which may be explored on your Kannur sightseeing tours. This beautiful coastal town is a must visit destination, which is comprised of the many popular tourist attractions. Your holiday in Kannur is going to be an ultimate experience and more enjoyable when you explore all of the incredible sightseeing places in Kannur. Read in detail about these popular places to visit.

Dharmadam Island

Dharmadam Island is a beautiful island, which is situated close to the Muzhappilangad Beach. This island is essentially a Buddhist dominated region, which is covered with coconut palms and dense bushes. This island was earlier recognized as Dharmapattanam.

Madayi Mosque

Madayi Mosque was built by Malik Iben Dinar in around 1124 A.D. He was a Muslim preacher. It is an outstanding mosque and a well-known tourist attraction in Kannur. The mosque houses a slab of white marble, which was brought from Mecca through the founder. He arrived here to spread the lessons of the Prophet Mohammad.

Mappila Bay

This bay is a prominent fishing harbor, which is located close to St. Angelo's Fort. The place houses a new fishing harbor, which is outfitted with latest fishing technology. The bay has been constructed under the Indo-Norwegian treaty and is a joint collaboration between the two nations.

Arakkal Palace

Arakkal Palace was owned by the only Muslim royal family of Kerala. The hall of the palace has been converted into a museum by the Government of Kerala. Arakkal Museum is dedicated to Arakkal Family. Despite the renovation of the palace is done by the government, it is yet owned the same family. With great historical significance, it turns into a popular tourist attraction of Kannur.

St. Angelo Fort

St. Angelo Fort is a huge triangular laterite fort comprised of a moat and adjoining bastions. The fort is also called as Kannur Fort, which was built by the first Portuguese Viceroy in the year 1505. It is protected under the Archaeological Survey of India. The eminent fort enjoys the breathtaking panorama of the Moppila Bay and Dharmadom Island.

Payyambalam Beach

It is one of the most stunning beaches of Kerala, which is known among the travelers for its vast stretch of golden sands studded with coconut palms. Payyambalam beach of Kannur is a secluded destination, which turns into an ultimate getaway for the visitors seeking to spend a relaxed and laidback evening in a calm environment. Due to its isolation, many popular Indian films have been shot here.

Thalasseri Fort

Thalasseri Fort is located 22 km away from Kannur and is one of the most popular places to visit near Kannur. The fort was constructed by East India Company in the year 1708. It used to serve as the military center of the British troops. The fort stands vertical on an unsteady cliff on the Thalasseri beach and enjoys great historical significance now. The fort features a number of gorgeous features that are worth visit for travelers.

Kerala Folklore Academy

Located around 6 km north of Kannur, Kerala Folklore Academy is a beautiful attraction to visit on your Kannur trip. The academy allows the visitors seeing the vibrantly colored folklore costumes very closely or enjoying a cultural performance here.


Kannur, India

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March to Mid-June, Pleasant and delightful

Temperature:16°C – 25°C

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July to October, receives heavy rainfall

Annual rainfall -96 cm

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Last November to February, Cool and Pleasant

Temperature:10°C – 20°C


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