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Kolkata, India

Kolkata, capital of West Bengal, is the synonym of a city that is overwhelmed with traditional significance and religious grandeur. It is a popular tourist destination of India comprising of various human interest places that attract the tourists from all over the world. This historic place features naturally beautiful places, majestically raised monuments and entertainment spots. Every corner of the city loudly speaks about the rich and intellectual culture of the city and each of its substances reflects the whole city itself. Being the motherland of famous scholars, this city is also renowned for its education and trading sector.

Thousands of people come here to explore its beauty. Spread over an area of 185 km square, Kolkata is the third most populated metropolis of India. Besides its natural beauty and historic monuments, this city is also famous for being a shoppers’ paradise. People also come here to explore its art and crafts. They can also find here many amusement parks, museums and art galleries. Sightseeing in Kolkata offers you place like Birla Planetarium, Marble Palace, Park Street, Rabindra Sarovar, Science City and amusement parks. Come and explore this beautiful city in this holiday.

Best Places

Visit in Kolkata

Kolkata reflects a breathtaking cosmopolitan culture, which makes it an appealing tourist destination for all. Festivities and celebrations are the essential part of the city, which make it popularly known as the 'City of Joy'. There are many good places to visit in Kolkata. Through this article, you will get complete information about major tourist attractions in Kolkata.

Marble Palace

Marble Palace is an amazing palatial mansion of Kolkata that was constructed using 90 different varieties of marbles. Built by Raja Rajendra Mullick in 1835 for residential purposes, this palace is now used as a tourist spot. You have to take special permission for visiting the palace.

Vidyasagar Setu

Popularly known as Howrah Bridge, Vidyasagar Setu is one the largest cable bridges in India as well as Asia constructed over River Hooghl. It was opened for public on 10th October, 1992. The bridge is named after the great Indian reformist Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar. The bridge connects Howrah with its twin city of Kolkata.

Eden Garden

Also recognized as the Lord's of Asia, it is one of the most well-equipped cricket stadiums of India with a sitting capacity of about 90,000 that one of the largest in India. The stadium has witnessed several historical matches since 1918. It is the second largest cricket stadium in the world, following Melbourne Cricket Ground.

Park Street

It is one of the most vibrant places of Kolkata that recently renamed as Mother Teresa Sarani. This place is a great center for shopping and recreation from long time.

Nalban Lake

Sited into a tranquil location, this 400-acres lake is a famous picnic spot that is surrounded by lush greenery all around.

Indian Museum

It is the largest and oldest museum in India, which shows a rare collection of antiques, armor, ornaments, fossils, skeletons and Mughal paintings. The museum was founded in year 1814 by the Asiatic Society of Bengal in Kolkata.

The Maidan

Also referred as Brigade Parade Ground, it is the biggest urban park in Kolkata. It is home to several play grounds, including the renowned cricketing venue Eden Gardens, numerous football stadia, and Kolkata Race Course. The place is lined with numerous idols and pieces of architecture. Owing to its freshness and greenery, the place is called as the "lungs of Kolkata".

Fort William

It is a fort, which is located on the eastern banks of the River Hooghly. It was named after King William III of England. The Fort is constructed using brick and mortar in the shape of an unequal octagon over an area of 5 km².

Marble Palace Zoo

Marble Palace is a palatial mansion in North Kolkata housing a number of gorgeous Western sculptures, Victorian furniture and paintings of various European and Indian artists. The hallways of the palace are adorned with huge chandeliers, clocks, and other decorative items. Located close to Marble Palace, there is Marble Palace Zoo housing numerous kinds of birds and animals.

Alipore Zoological Gardens

Also called as Alipore Zoo or Calcutta Zoo, it is the oldest official zoological park and a big tourist attraction in Kolkata. It was open as a zoo in 1876 and now home of the expired Aldabra giant tortoise Adwaita. It has been over 250 years old when it died in 2006. The garden is a must visit attraction in Kolkata.

Tipu Sultan Mosque

Tipu Sultan Shahi Mosque, also known as Tipu Sultan Masjid is a well-known mosque in Kolkata. The mosque is a remnant of architectural and cultural heritage. The place can be visited by people of various cultures and religions.

Birla Mandir

It is a splendid temple built by Birla family. The temple features an amazing architecture and houses statues of Krishna and Radha. The temple is built of white marble, which resembles to the famous Lingaraj Temple of Bhubaneswar. It showcases some intricate engravings on its walls.

Victoria Memorial

Founded in the year 1921, Victoria Memorial is a wonderful museum that takes the visitors in British era of India. You can visit here portrays and images of prominent personalities, who contributed for the freedom of India. At present, it is one of the finest art museums in Kolkata that features 184 feet tall architecture built over 64 acres of land.

Howrah Bridge

Built in 1943 over Hooghly River, Howrah Bridge is the largest cantilever bridge of India & one among largest in the world. It was a British engineering marvel that now known as Rabindra Setu.


Esplanade is one of the most vibrant places located in the heart of Kolkata that houses banks, government offices, hotels, institutes, and shopping malls.


Located close to the banks of Bhagirathi River, Kalighat is a renowned Kali temple having a religious & historical significance. It is even believed that the city was named after this place only. The place is famous for its Kali temple, Rabindra Sarovar and Birla Museum.


Rajbari is a palace located at Shobha Bazar in Kolkata. It is well-known for the grand celebration of Durga Pooja since 1757.

Salt Lake City

Popularly known as Bidhan Nagar, Salt Lake City is a beautifully planned center that is surrounded by water from three sides and a home to numerous migratory birds.

Raj Bhavan

Built in year 1803 as the residence of the Governor-General of India, Raj Bhawan is a 3-storied building inspired with renowned Kedleston Hall of Derbyshire. Currently, it serves as the residence of the West Bengal Governor.

Kolkata Race Course

Established in year 1820 by the British, it is a recognized name among the elites of Kolkata. At this place, major racing events take place during month of July to September and November to March.

National Library

It is the biggest library in India and the second biggest in Asia that has approximately 2 million books and half a million documents. This library is under the surveillance of the Department of Culture, Ministry of Tourism and Culture, Government of India.

Shaheed Minar

Saheed Minar is an architectural marvel built by Sir David Ochterlony. This striking Egyptian-style minar is 158 feet high and features balconies on the top. Structure of this minar is very similar to the well-known Qutub Minar of Delhi.


Kolkata, India

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March to Mid-June, Hot and Humid

Temperature:28°C – 45°C

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July to September

Annual rainfall -1581 cm

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Last November to February, Cool and Pleasant

Temperature:15°C – 28°C


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