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Purulia, India

Away from the madding crowd, Purulia is a beautiful land showered with natural beauty. The verdant green landscape, lush hills and thick forests make it a perfect tourist destination that gives a pastoral ambience and serene surroundings to let you unwind from the busy city life. Purulia is a western most district in the state of West Bengal is part of the Chotonagpur plateau, which unravels its untouched mystery and marvelous beauty. The landscape is rocky and undulating. The tourism of Purulia centres round its hills, forests and its archeological excavations as well as the relics of ancient temples and buildings. In addition, the tribal ethos enriches the spiritual charm and scenic beauty of red soil adorned with red blooms of Palash. Dance and music are an inherent part in the lives of the tribal people living here. Moreover, it is a perfect place to enjoy adventure activities like rock climbing. So, checkout the beautiful art forms of Purulia by booking Purulia holiday packages offered by


Mid-March - end June
Temperature:18°C- 40°C

June - end September
Annual rainfall -250 cm-325 cm

Late November To Mid-February

Best Places to Visit in Purulia

Ayodhya Hill:
This hill is 700 metre high and is an ideal perfect destination to practice rock climbing and mountaineering. With epic legends of Ram and Sita intertwined in the region, Ayodhya Hill is known for pristine fresh water springs and streams. There are various small hills in the area, especially Mayuri and Gorgaburu (900 metre) etc. The largest hydel power project of India is settled at Ayodhya Hills.

Garh Panchakot:
Garh Panchkot was the seat of the Panchakot Raj during the 18th century. The palace which is now in ruins was destroyed by Maratha army under Bhaskar Pandit. This place is encircled by Panchakot hill that is located in the north-eastern part of Purulia.

Rekh Deul:
These are temples built by the Jains between 9th known to the outside world, these temples are made up of stone or terracotta bricks. and 11th century of Rekh style. Rarely

Amongst the temples and sculptures dating back to the Pal and Sen Dynasties, few stand intact in Deulghata, situated on the bank of Kansabati River. There are two big temples of burnt brick. Marvelously carved stone figures of Durga, Ganesh and Parvati etc. are found here.

The Rekh style temple at Telkupi is the solo survivor of the group of 22 temples.

Kairabera & Murguma:
Kairabera & Murguma are two beautiful villages in the city of Purulia. The deep forests and large lakes make them nature lover's delight.

It is a small tribal village hidden among virgin forests of the Dalma hills.

Joychandi Hill:
It is a hill near Raghunathpur. Joychandi Hill is a dormant volcano and is ideal for rock climbing training. Internationally acclaimed film maker Satyajit Ray shot parts of his famous film "Hirak Rajar Deshe" in this area.

Saheb Bandh:
It is a 50-acre lake that poses as one of the enigmatic locations in Purulia. Talking about the history of the place, Saheb Bandh is believed to have been built during the mid- 19th century. Presently, a charming and appealing location, Saheb Bandh also acts as a temporary home for migratory birds from Siberia, Baluchistan and various places in Europe. Therefore, Saheb Bandh is an ideal destination for birdwatchers. So, don't give a miss to visit any of these attractions during your Purulia travel.

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Beautiful Sights of Purulia