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in Lansdowne, India

Lansdowne is a wonderful destination to enjoy a breathtaking vacation. Situated at an elevation of 5597 feet above the sea level, the place leaves its visitors fascinated with its sheer charm. Travelers come here to enjoy panoramic natural views, salubrious climate and much more. Watching the hills and exploring the jungles are great ways for spending a perfect vacation in Lansdowne. If you are going to visit the place, do not miss these fun activities to enjoy there. Browse through the following lines and know about the best things to do in Lansdowne.

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Nature Walk In place of just listening about the charm and exquisiteness of the place, go and explore the place to know it in real. Lansdowne offers brilliant opportunity for nature walk. It is surrounded with dense oak trees and blue pine woods and snuggled amidst wild flora and fauna. The place brings an ideal opportunity for the travelers to have a walk in the heavenly surroundings. Take a walk up to Tiffin Top or stroll around the Bhulla Lake – things are going to be just amazing.

Bird Watching Lansdowne is located in close proximity of Corbett National Park and is an ideal place for bird watching. More than 600 different species of birds travel to Lansdowne every year. If you are interested in bird watching, carry a good pair of binoculars and indulge into watching the colorful birds. The site will surely enthrall you.

Sunrise Watching Tip-in-Top is a great place to enjoy sunrise in Lansdowne. Watching the sun emerging from the base of Himalaya creates an amazing natural phenomenon and visitors feel awed with the beauty of this view.

Wildlife If you are an adventure enthusiast, Lansdowne is simply a paradise for you. Its closeness to the Kalagarh Wildlife Sanctuary caters to the interest of wildlife lovers. You may come across several wildlife animals while being at this place.

Trekking Lansdowne is surely a paradise for trekkers as it offers great opportunities for hiking. A number of popular treks into the hillside are there from Lansdowne serving as base camp. You can indulge into trekking while being in Lansdowne. Some of the popular trekking trails are Malini Barrage, Kalal Ghati, and Kandoliya Devta Temple.


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