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Best Time to Visit in Darjeeling

Darjeeling serves as the perfect getaway for the tourists seeking break from the scorching heat of summers in the plains. The weather of Darjeeling is divided into three main seasons, including summer, winter and monsoons. Following article will tell you more about Darjeeling weather.

Summer season starts in Darjeeling from April and remains till June. During these months, temperature of the city remains moderate and hovers between 25°C and 8°C. Consequently summers here are really very pleasant especially, if you have come from any hot place.

Monsoon in Darjeeling comes after summer. The season brings heavy pouring rains, which might cause landslides. Many times, these heavy rains carry on for all day long. The average annual rainfall is recorded 281.8 cm and July receives the highest rainfall in Monsoon. Adventure activities, like trekking and mountaineering are avoided in this season.

Winter in Darjeeling arrives with a much colder climate than other destinations of West Bengal. The average temperature is around 5° C. However, sometimes, it goes below 0° C, making the place harsh and unbearable. Darjeeling is generally masked in haze and smog during winter. If you are one of those who love to enjoy the beauty of nature amidst cold conditions, winter is surely the time to visit this place.

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